Gruppotanaka is an international trading company that distributes European brand clothing and accessories as their sole import agency.

We are pursuing to establish a good reputation of our brands by planning events, such as fashion shows, and distributing their items nation-widely at boutiques, department stores and our own shops (IZA).

Nobuyuki TANAKANobuyuki TANAKA

Nobuyuki TANAKA

As one of the leading fashion companies, we dedicate ourselves to develop the Japanese fashion scene by introducing the latest mode fashion from all around the world. And I believe that the new values which our fashion business have been creating will contribute to the future growth in Japan.



The designer, ALESSANDRO DELL’ACQUA, has always been leading the latest Italian fashion scene and he launched his own first line "N°21 (numero ventuno)" in 2010. The distinctive characteristics of his work, such as sharp tailoring, unique sensuality and femininity, still play an important role in his designs. On top of that, he values more sporty and wearable essences to heighten the brand. It surely is the brand that the most treasured genius in the Italian history established and it will never stop pursuing new esthetic frontiers.



Francesco Ferrari and Tomaso Anfossi, both born in the mid 80’s, are up-coming designers who create succinct, comfortable, graphical and cute items. They place a high value on playful fabrics unlike ordinary designers. For example, they make pictures they took into an original fabric. This unique method can only be practiced by open-minded contemporary brands like CO|TE. They are targeting energetic women who lively enjoy their life and trying to create a whole new avant-garde world by their fresh and talented sense.



AINEA made its debut in 2013, when Lanificio Becagli assigned an Italian designer, Andrea A., as its creative director. Its unique theme is "to unify art and fashion". High-quality fabrics, not to mention that they are made in Italy, that can be produced only by fabric experts, and unique designs such as color blocking are gathering attention of fashion-minded people. Though this brand is famous for its fur items, they never use genuine furs. They make it a point to use only eco-furs, so that they can achieve trendy and qualified fur item production. There’s no denying that AINEA is one of the most up-coming and notable brands in the today’s fashion industry.



Who are you, IZA?
IZA is an unique boutique established in 2003, distributing international first-class clothes and accessories. We value comfortable flair in which you can shop relaxingly, rather than insisting puzzling aesthetics.
IZA, Shop for a Cause.
Along with our regular service, we have been earnestly working on our charitable projects. We will contribute to our society by creating charming items with European designers.




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